Human Centred Architecture. We believe great spaces reflect the people who inhabit them. We design for the experiences you seek as well as the buildings that will house them. 

Surroundings is a boutique architecture practice with a focus on human centred design. We centre the design of your space around the experiences you seek. Surroundings design architectural buildings, spaces, interiors, experiences and objects. We also design engagement workshops.


About us

The relationship people have with space is very personal so we begin each project by getting to know the people we are designing for. 

The space we design for you will profoundly influence your daily lives. It will contribute and shape how you connect with each other and your environment as the years unfold. We believe that space should nurture the things you enjoy doing.  A traditional architecture brief will list a set of rooms (scope), a budget, and a timeframe. We have added a phase before this - we call this our insight phase. During this process we capture your individual values, favourite experiences, and collective rituals. We also project forward ; asking you what transitions you might anticipate and developing an understanding of how your lives might unfold with time. 


Our Unique Process

We start every project with a workshop. We use a unique, human centred process designed to connect you to your personal experiences of space. This process allows us to create environments that reflect you, your values and the culture in your community.


Firstly, we like to get to know you, what you enjoy, your position in life, and where you dream to be in the future.


Using exercises and activities, we help you delve into your relationship with space.


Using our newfound knowledge of you and your tribe, we develop a set of ideas with you about the experiences you want to create in your environment.


Using the desired experiences as a foundation, we design a space for you and your tribe to evolve with over time.