A Garden to Work from

Sawtooth+Co is Surroundings’ new home

Because we couldn’t imagine leaving our garden behind at our old studio, we decided to take it along for the ride. It has now settled in nicely with us under our shed roof at 1 Trafalgar St, creating a lush courtyard where you will often find us working, meeting or sharing lunch.
We are looking forward to sharing this big shed - named Sawtooth + Co - and its garden. So why don’t you join us in our co-working space? If you would like to set up shop here, just swing by for a chat and a tour.
The space will host different events. Beats and Pieces is up next. So look to your calendars and save the date for this series of 5 music appreciation and art nights. A guest DJ will be setting the mood while you will be picking up pen and paper to explore an artwork carefully selected to reflect the music.

Find out more about our co-working space.
The Sawtooth+Co photo gallery
Sign up for 5 art sessions “Beats and Pieces” night.

Photo by Shantanu Starick