Madeline & Nick's NORTHCOTE HOME

Update May 2017 - Mads and Nick have now got a fully drafted set of house plans ready for construction. They used a local Melbourne drafting company and hired me (Suzie) on hourly rate for some advice to review the documents and ensure they kept to their vision. After a small delay due to historical boundaries in the street being off the fence lines, the Critchleys are looking to start their renovation soon.

I journeyed down to Melbourne last week to run our Home Masterclass with old friends of mine, Madeline and Nick. Mads and Nick and their two young boys, Sid and Hughie live in Northcote in inner Melbourne in the cutest victorian house. It was a gorgeous summer day, we sat in their backyard and as the boys played around us we wandered through the exercises over coffee.  They have great neighbours and over the course of the afternoon there was chats over 2 of the 3 fences.  

Mads and Nick are looking to renovate, demolishing the rear and adding a new kitchen, living and dining. We explored how they like to live and made a plan for the ideal home. 

“Many thanks for this! We had such a wonderful Saturday and Sunday morning exploring and distilling our thoughts and plans for Henderson St. We are thrilled that we have a working plan to push forward with, it feels so ‘right’ already.”

Home Masterclass run by Suzie, in Northcote with Mads and Nick. Photos by Suzie.

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