Surroundings Community is a specialist consultancy in human-centred design

Welcome to Community

Just as any structure benefits from a strong foundation, the same goes for its design process.  Great architecture is designed around people; our individual preferences, the way we work and live, our dreams and aspirations. The more we understand people’s experiences and interactions, the stronger the foundation for your project’s success.

Give your designer the perfect brief

Surroundings Community is a specialist consultancy in human-centred design. In other words, we ensure that buildings and public spaces are made for people. We design, facilitate and run workshops that help people clarify, articulate and realise their ideal environments.

Think of us as a bridge between the community and project owners – translating key insights and findings into the perfect brief for architects and designers.

Complicated made simple

We’re here to manage the complexities of a large building project – to make everything as simple as possible from the outset.

The involvement of many decision-makers, influencers and stakeholders can make the navigation of your project difficult. But thanks to our specialist workshops, we help bring the community together and provide a clear, objective direction for the future

Creating positive outcomes for everyone 

A building should be shaped by the people living in it. That’s why we take the time to listen to people, involve them in the process and understand them. By designing a project around a set of human experiences and rituals, we can ensure it meets the needs of the community.

Workshopping benefits everyone. It enables clients and designers to uncover new insights, perspectives, opportunities and inspiration; to accelerate their expertise; and to deepen relationships.

And from the community’s perspective, it creates a sense of belonging, connection and involvement with the project.