We approach all our projects at Surroundings as a potential opportunity to co-design with our clients and are constantly testing and designing our workshop processes to get better at this each time. We now apply our workshop processes beyond our own architectural projects in collaboration with other designers.

Beyond working with our own clients we also work with other architects as a consultant to run workshops for them and their clients at the early stages of their projects. Below is a sample project where we are consulting at specialist facilitators with other design teams.  If you are a designer and keen to find out more contact us

Feature Project: Hummingbird House Insight Series

Surroundings were commissioned by Queensland Kids to connect with the Queensland Kids Community and gain their feedback on the upcoming design of Hummingbird House, Queensland’s first Kids Hospice.

Our role has been to extend an invitation to the community, open the conversation and engage the families and other stakeholders in the design process.  Together with ThomsonAdsett, the designers of Hummingbird House and their teams, we hosted a series of workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

For us this stage has been about recognising the families as experts in their kids needs, and taking a step to ask and involve them in the design of Hummingbird House as both a facility and an experience.

We set about to bring together an intimate group of designers and stakeholders together, to start forming and reinforcing community around our building a set of ideas – to spark conversation and through process learn and shape Hummingbird House. 

Our workshops also curated a diverse set of future users of the space to explore Hummingbird House from the perspective of non-family stakeholders, the people who will work and live their daily lives in the space.

We also had the privilege of visiting the two open and functioning kids hospices in Australia, Bear Cottage in Sydney and Very Special Kids in Melbourne to learn from their experience and wisdom and build on their best practices for Queensland.

The true outcome of our workshops is immeasurable in print, we formed and reinforced bonds in the community that will inhabit and grow within the walls of Hummingbird House. As well as this, we gained some great insights into what will be a great experience for the kids and families of Hummingbird House. 

Our role included; Design of content and methodologies of user consultation workshops, facilitation, recorded data, analysis and outcomes, Sessions with Project Architects and Clients for gap finding and feedback, Peer Review.

Read more about Hummingbird House here.


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