We recently ran a workshop with a group of our designer friends to hear how they found our unique approach. We gained insight into our different biases and styles as designers and discussed how to approach a project with this in mind. Understanding the different perspectives of the clients and design team on the project makes for a meaningful and balanced outcome that is more than the sum of its parts. 

We are expanding our services to work with other architects and clients as a consultant to run workshops for them and their clients at the early stages of their projects - see our Hummingbird House project. If you are a designer and keen to find out more contact us



"We run workshops with our clients to start our projects, we call this approach human centred design. The workshops individualise each person and provide them with catalyst exercises to explore the things that are important to them. This triggers key conversations that help us understand their relationship to their environment in depth. "

Some feedback on our approach from recent clients 

"I like your gentle style, it produced a relaxed environment in which to be ourselves"
"Fantastic to prioritise key items"
"Good opportunity to think ahead"
"I had not thought about recreating these happy places for grand kids"
"Great to see what I loved and what I want for my family and children"
"I was surprised about what popped out in this one, I thought I knew what I would think and what I did think was different"
"Very insightful and significant for thinking ahead"
"Made me see what I want to look for in my next rental"
"A lot of fun making all the dreams happen"
"I loved being able to see what was working and not working"