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Discover your designer bias

As designers we bring our life experiences and preferences to every design. Our instincts guide us. Often these instincts are strong and unconscious. Join us for a journey to uncover your unique design bias and what has formed you as a designer. The key to this lies in knowing exactly what you like – and how you like to live.

During our session you will experience new ways to work with your clients to understand their preferences. Armed with a greater understanding of yourself you can streamline your client interactions to create the perfect designs for them as clients and you as a designer. 

What’s included

  • A 4 hour group workshop with our team where we take you through a framework to understand the diversity of human preferences in home
  • A portfolio of your activities, exercises and ideas


Surroundings studio

Price is $450 ex gst per person (min 2 person max 6 people per session)

All tickets to our classes are subject to Surroundings Conditions


We asked Alexandra Buchanan of Alexandra Buchanan Architecture how she found the workshop.

  • What was your favourite exercise and why?
"I really enjoyed the cards because they were so easy to engage with and allowed me to question my own preferences. Also felt that I got a lot out of the flashback exercise, I had no idea how much emotion was attached to my grandmother's house!"
  • What did you learn about yourself you didn’t know?
" often my latent preferences / bias seem to crop up in our project work, one or two I was aware of but several I really had no idea! Also really interested to discover how often 'time' seems to have an influence on me."
  • What benefits do you think the process offers to you as a designer?
"I think it creates clarity on where design decisions or influencers are really coming from, which then allows some analysis of the appropriateness of these suggestions for individual projects. I think it helps each of us individually to understand the same about our colleagues. Generally its a very inspiring and dynamic process that we all enjoyed very much so I can see the benefit of that in assisting a briefing process and in generating comfort in clients that their ideas and requirements have been set down and understood"
  • How would it add value to your clients?

"I think it would help them to understand and articulate their preferences / wants  and nice to haves and to work through any necessary compromises that may need to be made between family members. I also think it would give them confidence in the process and in us as designers."