As well as realising architecture we are always exploring and evolving our ideas. Below are some of the current explorations we are immersed in. We love to connect with others who share our passion. Come and see us if you are excited about developing the ideas below.

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Human Centred Brief Process

We have developed and continue to evolve unique Human Centred Briefing processes. 

We do this to find out what you like instead of designing from what we like.

We all experience space differently.

We capture these unique fingerprints for each client we design for.

Co-Design with us

More and more people are looking to learn and participate. At Surroundings we love to educate so we are really inspired by the idea that our clients learn and design with us through our process.

Could you join us for some sessions in our office? Or could we come to  you, to see how you work?

Would your teenager benefit from work experience in designing your home with us?

We are open to these ideas, if you want to give it a go - please table your idea.


Multi modal Design

We invite different talents and different types of designers to come together on one project to create multi-layered, multi-sensory space.

We believe the current system and services architects provide can be adapted to allow input from many expert designers along the way. 

We run expert 'minds workshops' where we gather experts in various fields relevant to the project to participate in problem solving & designing solutions. 


Storytelling in Architecture

We see the process of architecture, designing and building as a story. We know from the love of shows like Grand Designs and The Block, people love to see behind the scenes. We seek to share more of our process with you. We invite you to participate and tell your perspective on the story. We invite our builders and collaborators to contribute. We explore social media platforms to harness and share our ideas.

Art & Making

We enjoy designing one off art pieces and objects for our projects when clients are excited by this level of design, in the past we have designed ceramic light fittings and wallpaper for our projects.