What are the phases in a project?

We support you and your designer or builder through the different phases of your project.

Projects move through a series of phases, from research and insight, through to expansion and ideas, then refining and detailing. People use different modes of thinking and many different people contribute their expertise through the process.


We understand you and your environment

Join us for a Human Centred Design Workshop where we guide you through a series of exercises that will focus on the experiences you enjoy and establish a brief for creating spaces that will make the ideal habitat for you. Together we explore the individuals within your space, what you enjoy, the experiences you have and how you would like to live. Designed to be participatory and ideas generating, start with a HOME Masterclass.

We produce your ideal brief for you home, and assist you to select a team of designer and/or builder if you haven't already. Below are the phases a project will generally follow with your team.   


Your designer immerses in your site and project context

Your designer will explore your site and understand its climate and context. They identify the relevant authority regulations and requirements that will apply and discuss target budgets and timing.  They consolidate all this into your brief to inform the design. 


Create a meaningful design 

Your designer develops the chosen concept to a stage where consultants can be briefed and spends time bringing the design to life. Preliminary costings are prepared based on floor area. Your scheme is developed to allow for initial discussions with authorities if required (builder certifier and town planner to ensure the scheme complies with current approval). Builder method and contractor selection is initiated. 


Develop the design into a prototype

The design is developed in preparation for development approval and consultant coordination. You (the client) commission consultants. Each part of the design is worked up and analysed with your team to becomes more fully resolved. Major departures from the brief are to be avoided as consultants have completed preliminary work. Your designer coordinates preliminary input from the consultants. An opinion of probable cost can be sought from a builder. The project is prepared for lodgement with the Council if required.


Document how to build your project

The project documentation is developed to a technical level to allow the project to be tendered to builders. The consultants’ drawings are finalised and coordinated. Final decisions are made regarding the procurement method (form of contract with builder). Builders are selected to tender, tender sets are prepared and sent.


Build your home

Watch and follow your builder as your ideas come to life. 

“Your life starts to unfold and grow with your new space.”