Food Frontier

A digital community engagement process which explored the human conditions and preferences in a food facility. There is a lot of press and conversation in the food industry on the conditions for animals in a food processing facility - rarely are the conditions for people and humans within a facility brought to the table for discussion.

We were asked by our client Wiley to come up with a tradeshow stand and digital experience to engage the audience at the tradeshow in a future based conversation. The Foodpro tradeshow audience is made up of people who work in and around the food industry; in factories, facilities, logistics and supply. We asked them directly, "What would you value in a food facility environment?" Click the image to enter the website we built and see the data visualisation and results. 

Our role included; Audience/Community profiling, Audience engagement and experience design, Tradeshow design - physical stand, digital survey process, website design and build all by Surroundings. Data visualisation and coding by Paul McMahon. Content of survey process co-designed and developed with a bunch of excellent brains at Wiley.