Welcome to HOME. A brilliant new way to  draw inspiration from you.

A house is structural. A home is emotional.  A house is where you reside. A home is where you belong. Home contains me. At Surroundings, we take a human-centred approach that puts you at the heart of your home design. To create a space that is uniquely yours, we don’t start with what an architect has in mind. We start with you.

A fun and interactive program  Welcome to HOME – a brilliant new program that allows us to understand you and your relationship with space. Through a series of fun and enlightening exercises and activities, HOME will get to know you – your values, favourite experiences and collective rituals; your lifestyle, inspirations and dreams.  We can then take these insights to design a space you will love to call home, both today and tomorrow.

As every project is unique, we’ve created three HOME packages – so you can choose the level of support that’s right for you. 


An inspiring and rewarding program

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few comments from happy clients:

“Home was a revelation. Before I did the program, I had a rough idea of what I liked and didn’t like, but didn’t have any real direction. It’s really helped me understand who I am, what I love, and what I want in a home. Of course, the answers are all in your head – it’s just a brilliant way of drawing them out!”  Mark

“It allowed us to tap into elements of creativity we didn’t know we had and I discovered how creative my husband could be. It was a real discovery process for us, we discovered things even about each other and we’ve been married 25 years now so that’s always nice to discover something new after that time.  What was really valuable was to find out how aligned we both were in our thinking. “   Lesley-Anne owner of Dock Street Warehouse

Five ways HOME Program works for you

We unearth hidden motivations. Our specialist workshops, tools and methods are designed to draw out deeper understandings that many clients are unaware of themselves. Such insights cannot be discovered through mainstream questions.

We focus on experiences. Traditional methods focus on the functional aspects of your build, such as number of bedrooms and preferred layout. We delve deeper into your personal relationship with space, exploring your experiences and rituals, in order to better support you to understand what you really want.

We keep it personal. Building projects are rarely the domain of one person. And when a number of people are involved in the decision-making process, group dynamics often override individual preferences. We take the time to understand the needs and aspirations of everyone involved, before moving to a collective decision.

We keep your project on-brief. Some architects have pre-conceived ideas with regards to design and methodology. We use our experience to ensure that architects have what they need to focus on a solution that’s right for your project, rather than individual bias

We’ll find you the perfect match. With our work we establish an in-depth knowledge of you. Alongside this we invest in strong relationships with peers in our industry to understand their approach and goals for practice – so we’re in the position to help you find the perfect architect.

More about MATCH

We’ll find the architect that’s right for you

There is no such thing as a standard architect. Each has their individual design philosophies, strengths and specialist areas. If you’re not familiar with building projects, making the right choice can be a game of chance.

That’s where we come in.

As architects ourselves, we know who’s out there – and what they do well. We believe in working with only the best talent. And we know that the best outcomes are reached by matching a client’s personal aesthetic ideas and preferences with like-minded architects and designers.

We’ve put together a shortlist of some of the best architects in their field – and we’ll be happy to review your project and make an impartial recommendation. 

How we work with our architects

Surroundings is committed to working with architects and designers who genuinely understand our clients and share their vision. That’s why we take the time to discover as much as possible about all our partners, from your individual preferences and interests to details of your dream project.

The more we know about you, the easier it is to match you with suitable clients. If you’re one of our shortlisted practices, and your profile is a great match, you’ll benefit from an introduction to a client who’s ready to go – someone who has completed a HOME workshop and knows what they’re looking for in a home.

We’re here to help

Our job is to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. We’re happy to provide peer reviews at key sign-off stages, to help your clients feel comfortable with their decisions and reduce the likelihood of design changes or reversals further down the track.

We also encourage clients via simple pulse surveys at key stages of the design – giving you invaluable insights into what you’re doing well and areas you can improve.

What we don’t do is tell you how to do your job. You control the design, the format, and the delivery of your design, documents or models to the client. We’re simply here to ensure that what you provide aligns with the agreed outcomes of the brief.