Hummingbird House Workshop Series

We were hired as specialist consultants to run the user engagement workshops for a new kids hospice for Queensland. Our brief was to consult with the different parts of the Hummingbird House Community to form a human centred brief and experience focused on design for the project architects, Thomson Adsett. 

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The first user welcomed Brisbane Clinicians and families; including both bereaved parents and parents of kids currently with high care needs and life limiting illness. 

Next we journeyed to the two other hospices in Australia; Bear Cottage in Sydney and Very Special Kids in Victoria to workshop with their staff based on their current facilities and services. Having access to these two experienced groups was a fantastic way to learn from current wisdom and apply it to future improvements. We designed our workshops for these two groups to ensure that they too learnt from the experience. 

Still to come is a digital survey component. This survey, set to go out to the wider group of families in Queensland, is designed for the kids and their siblings to ask for their ideas for their ideal Hummingbird House.

Also to come is two specialist workshops on end of life, called Making Space: a conversation about saying Goodbye. We will meet with specialist clinicians and providers in the first session, and have an intimate final session with a group of parents. 

This is the first time we have acted as consultants to other designers. Thomson Adsett have been fantastic collaborators and we have also enjoyed open access to their design team and the landscape designers, who have all been co-participants in the workshops with our future users. This direct, shared experience and conversation has led to some fantastic insights to date.