Jackie and Ian's Brief for their home

Experiences in the home

Jackie and Ian joined Surroundings for two workshops to explore their relationship to home and their environment and what different types of experiences they would like to create. Below is a workshop record of their results. You will get the most out of this record if you have to opportunity for Jackie and Ian to present it to you and explain their responses in more depth. We would be happy to talk you through the process and theory behind how we host this to give you more insight into their answers. (contact suzie@surroundings.com.au)

Below is a slideshow of their brief of experiences and rituals for the home and you may like to download a copy

Scope, Budget and Time

Jackie and Ian completed 2 surveys to explore what rooms and spaces they would like, their timing and how much they can spend. 

Click to See Jackie and Ian's space and scope survey results

Click to See Jackie and Ian's time and cost survey results

A tour of the site 

Jackie and Ian took me on a site visit on August 25 2015 (late winter) see the slideshow below or download a pdf

A map

40 minutes drive west from Brisbane at 44 Kobble Creek Road, Armstrong Creek.


Jackie's Pinterest

Click the image below to go through to pinterest, Jackie also has a bunch of tagged books she talked us through.