Senses Card set


Senses Card set


Explore your senses and look at how you connect to your local environment. Discover how you like to experience your environment through sight, sounds, taste, touch and smell.

The senses card set is designed to explore the sensory relationship you share with your environment. 

This is an individual activity based on a card deck, if you would like to run it as a group activity purchase multiple card decks. 

We are currently on back order, our next shipment is due in 4 - 6 weeks.

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About Senses

Senses is a closed card sort exercise. We provide you with a set of images and a way to sort and prioritise them, by moving through our process you will learn how you feel about your sensory environment and what's important to you.

Make an experience of it

Senses is designed to be a conversation starter and this activity is most fun when done in a group (2 to 8 people). Pick a nice location, set a table with a place for each person, at each place you will need a deck of cards, a pen and a printed A3 activity sheet. You may wish to add drinks, snacks and music to enhance your experience. Read the instructions as a group at the start, then individually work through the steps until you are complete. When finished take turns to share your results.