Now. Our studio today.

The Sawtooth&Co Design Space. An open flexible work environment to balance work achievement and community.

Our studio is more than work to us. We have created an environment where we can relax and achieve at the same time. We have different creatives and specialists who come and work out of our space on different days of the week. We like how this brings new ideas, minds and talents into our space. We cook on site and eat a shared lunch to take a break and connect.

Interested in sharing out space? Drop us a line.

Dreams. Our studio future.

Design Arena. A social arena for collaboration and for designers and makers to collaborate in.

Our dream is to create a space where passionate designers and makers can meet and create and workshop their ideas on featured project collaborations. We'd like to work within the rhythm of a strong, invested community and harness this shared talent to bounce ideas and create beautiful and meaningful space. 

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