At Surroundings we love to apply new thinking to architecture. We follow design leaders around the globe, as they invent new methodologies and thinking. We test how these might relate to our field of architecture. As a business we..


See architecture as  a process

As well as designing buildings, we also design how the process unfolds and see new opportunities for how we can all participate, collaborate and learn. See our explorations into Collaboration, Multimodal Design, Co-design, Design and Learn.

Learn by Doing

We like to think ahead of the current architectural systems. Identify new potentials and create a culture where we can support change and incubate new options for how to practice architecture. Then we give them a go. We encourage constant evolution and experimentation as part of our process.


Share our successes

We value transparency and believe that by sharing our successes we can help others find theirs. We believe architecture can make a big shift to engage people to co-design their experiences in buildings with us. 


Make the complex simple

Architecture is complex, it involves balancing many things. We break down into singular steps things that are easy to understand, and guide you through a process of building a multilayered solution to fit your life. 

We stage information and provide the right information to you at the right time to ease your aprehension. 

Lead with Fun


Every child inherently knows how to create and design, often  done through play. With our unique process we harness the power of play, to help you tap into the part of you that is a creator to access and trigger your understanding of what you want, your preferences. 

Design with Transparency.

We know that many of you have a desire to understand the process we go through and the way we design. We have many methods of sharing this with you. How much or little you want to participate or follow is up to you. We know that some of you can feel overwhelmed by this, while others will feel energised and ready for more.

CS02 - Select.png

Design for Delight

We design for experiences, like enjoying your weekend in your home rather than the basic interaction you have with your house as an object.   

A home with as many features as a swiss army knife may prepare your for any situation, but it's so complicated no one gets to experience the pure rituals they love. We help you select and prioritse your key experiences and design a high quality space to support it. 

Design with Talent.

Each of us values the art of architecture, the beauty in a space, the careful curation of materials and structure to create an amazing set of experiences for you.

As part of our work we try to explore our unique interests to develop ourselves as individual designers. The sum our our talent and explorations is paired with you and focussed on your project. 

Support your decisions.

We don't choose for you. we supply you with options, designs, and choices to support your decision making. Our goal is to inspire you towards a project you believe in.