Workshop your Brief


We custom design a space to suit your life and work.


Spend the time where it matters and get your brief right before you start. Explore what you want out of your space.  We will guide you through a series of exercises that focus on the experiences you enjoy and establish a brief to create spaces that will be the ideal for you.  

Architecture Design

We custom design a space to suit your life. We regularly design houses, workplaces and play spaces. We design for people, so don't restrict ourselves to one area. We love variety, if you have something different - give us a call.

Interior Design

Designing for people means we design both inside and out. Every space is full of opportunities for people to interact with and create their own experiences and rituals. We often collaborate with specialist interior and exhibition designers to maximise the experience created.

Experience Design

Have an event you want to make a beautiful and engaging experience? We design exhibitions and installations at tradeshows that specialise in interaction and engagement with the audience. 

Graphic Design

As a group of people we have a love of 2D design. You can see this coming out in our signage, patterns, we build our own websites. We are interested in exploring the opportunities for large scale 2D design in architecture (murals, patterns, facades).

Collective Think Workshop

Get some talented heads together and generate lots of ideas to start from with our Multifocus Design Team Sessions. More heads than one, creative individuals with diverse passions, focussing their talent in an intense short brainstorming session on ideas for your space. Pick and mix designers, pay per designer. 

Do you have a design project you need help with?

If you are excited about a design project, interested in exploring your human experiences within space and value beautiful design, get in contact, we'd love to hear from you.   1300 734 119