Value Proposition

Human Centred Design

Designing with humans as the focus, not the object.

Creating Personal Experience in Space

Designing the experiences and rituals alongside the space.

Meaningful space

Creating and designing space to match your passions. A potting shed for a gardener, a stage for a dances, a window seat for a reader.

Guided discovery

Start and explore with our tools and exercises to find our your truth of how you like your space.

Custom made

We are designers, we design it to suit your unique choices.

Customer Segments

Learn Together

People who want to learn about space design and creating their own ideal space.

Live together 


People who want to explore, design and build their home.

Play Together

People who want to explore and design their ideal play spaces, be they workshops, librarys, places for music etc.

Work Together

People who want to explore and design their ideal workspace.

Heal Together

People who want to design a nurturing health space.

Customer Relationship

1:1 Bespoke Design

Custom design to your unique brief. We do it for you.

Co-creation (clients design with us)

Custom design. You design with us and learn as you go.

Self Service (Tools)

You use our tools and exercises to explore your preferences and develop an indepth brief.

Surveys, card games, apps, ebooks.

Design Arena - Bookclub / Workshops / Community

Join us for events. We like to explore together and bounce ideas, and hope to build on the culture of design around us.

Key Activities

Design - Architecture / interiors/ graphics/ experiences

Customer Identity / Discovery / Brief Creation

Create Arena - Hosting of shared workspace of diverse designers.

Education & Learning - Workshops / Tools / Writing

Publishing / Curating

Online Platform

Matching - develop brief development into profiling of clients and designers in the future. rsvp client and designer.


Word of Mouth

Website -

Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIN / Quora / Pinterest

Active Database & Contact (Mailchimp)

itunes (future app)

Google Adwords (to do)

Key Resources

Talented Humans

Suzie Wiley / Laura Pascoe / Jon Henzell

IT Infrastructure

Use of subscription web cloud based infrastructure. We use dropbox for file storage, squarespace for web building, survey gizmo for survey building, xero for accounting, paypal for banking. Basecamp for project management. Autocad for drafting and Sketchup for 3D.

Tools and Intel

Cardsets, Apps, Workshops, Exercises.

Online platform

Design Arena - Venue

Studio at 9 Trafalgar Street Woolloongabba

Cost Structure

  • Value Driven Model
  • Fixed Costs - Salaries / Venue / Operations
  • Content Development
  • Flexible Costs - collaborations and consultants
  • IT Infrastructure - Subscriptions to software

Key Collaborations

Design Collaboration - Tools and Design Thinking

Simon Lawry

Creative Collaborations Space - Ideas from Diversity

Caro Jackson aka Super Average

Jess Jackson - Jacks Corner


Builder and maker  Collaborations

Wiley and Co

Darryl Mappin


We would like to develop relationships to develop 

Revenue Streams

  • Fee for Service - Design (Lump Sum or Hourly)
  • Fee for Service - Workshops (Lump Sum)
  • Product Sales - Tools
  • Product Licencing
  • Create Arena - Venue (lending/leasing)
  • Matching / Referrals