Five ways HOME Program works for you

We unearth hidden motivations. Our specialist workshops, tools and methods are designed to draw out deeper understandings that many clients are unaware of themselves. Such insights cannot be discovered through mainstream questions.

We focus on experiences. Traditional methods focus on the functional aspects of your build, such as number of bedrooms and preferred layout. We delve deeper into your personal relationship with space, exploring your experiences and rituals, in order to better support you to understand what you really want.

We keep it personal. Building projects are rarely the domain of one person. And when a number of people are involved in the decision-making process, group dynamics often override individual preferences. We take the time to understand the needs and aspirations of everyone involved, before moving to a collective decision.

We keep your project on-brief. Some architects have pre-conceived ideas with regards to design and methodology. We use our experience to ensure that architects have what they need to focus on a solution that’s right for your project, rather than individual bias

We’ll find you the perfect match. With our work we establish an in-depth knowledge of you. Alongside this we invest in strong relationships with peers in our industry to understand their approach and goals for practice – so we’re in the position to help you find the perfect architect.